Eric brought us his C6 this past spring to bring a little more life into it. We quickly got to work, planning out a solid path of modifications.

We installed a sexy set of Kooks longtube headers along with a Borla Cat-back exhaust system. We then strapped her down on our in-house Mustang Dyno and dialed in the tune with HP tuners.

The car developed a lifter tick after some time, so Eric brought us the car back to diagnose the issue and come up with a plan. We verified that the problem was indeed a lifter issue and decided to go further with the planned modifications while fixing the issue. The heads were refreshed and we installed a Texas Speed Performance “Bald Eagle” boost cam, along with, valve springs, retainers, push rods, lifters and ARP head bolts.

The end result was around 80whp more than stock!

Check out the video below!